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The Plenty is a hand-held whip vaporizer made by Storz & Bickel, a brand most famous for the Volcano vaporizer. The Plenty features an innovative double helix pattern in the stainless steel whip for c...

Plenty wear & tear set

The Plenty wear & tear set includes all the parts necessary to keep your vaporizer running smoothly.

Plenty filling chamber cylinder reducer

The Plenty filling chamber cylinder reducer, halves the chamber size.

Plenty mouthpiece set

Four spare Plenty mouthpieces.

Volcano herb mill XL

Herb mill XL for the Volcano vaporizer with a diameter of 55 centimeters and ribbed edge for enhanced grip.

Plenty chamber housing

Filling chamber housing for your Plenty vaporizer. Please note, this is the plastic housing only. It does not include the internal stainless steel components.

Plenty liquid pad set small

Liquid pad set for the Plenty chamber reducer.

Volcano grinder

Plastic Volcano grinder with shark teeth for a fine grind.

Plenty tubing set

This replacement set contains three short tubing sections and three long tubing sections for the cooling coil of the Plenty vaporizer.