Herborizer Tube

The Herborizer Tube is an extremely efficient and stylish vaporizer. It's made of a type of borosilicate glass particularly resistant to mechanical and thermal shock.

Available in tube xl ice tube xl


Herborizer Ti heater

A replacement heater for the Herborizer Ti/Enail.


Herborizer Icetube Body

Heavyweight Icetube Body for use with the Herborizer XL system.


Herborizer power supply

Spare power supply for all Herborizer vaporizers. The basic power supply includes the on/off switch.

Herborizer concentrate bowl

Pure convection vaping of concentrates can be achieved with this concentrate bowl and any Herborizer unit.


Herborizer Sphere suction tube

Replacement suction tube for use with the Herborizer Sphere.


Herborizer glass spoon

Glass spoon to stir the cannabis in your Herborizer vaporizer.