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VapCap Omni 2021 - DynaVap

The VapCap Omni 2021 is the new and improved version of the OmniVap, the most advanced dry herb vaporizer by DynaVap. The redesigned titanium body makes for enhanced tactile navigation.

DynaTec Orion Induction Heater - DynaVap

The DynaTec Orion is a pocket-sized induction heater designed and engineered by DynaVap, to replace your torch or lighter to heat your VapCap. A solid battery-powered device that heats up in 4 to 6 se...

VapCap OmniVonG

The OmniVonG by DynaVap is stylish and gives the user complete control of the airflow.

Available in light wood XL light wood

DynaTec Induction Heater Apollo 2 Rover...

The Apollo 2 Rover is an induction heater designed and engineered by DynaTec, to replace a torch or lighter for heating DynaVap VapCaps. A solid battery-powered heater that ensures your device is at t...

VapCap OmniVap

Apart from the stainless steel cap, the OmniVap is completely constructed from Titanium, which makes the device ultra-light. It features DynaVap's industry-first infinitely adjustable air/vapour ratio...

Available in XL titanium

VapCap DynaTec Apollo 2 induction heater

Use any VapCap without a lighter thanks to the induction heater.

VapCap VonG 2021 - DynaVap

The VapCap VonG 2021 is a new and improved version of the OmniVonG, the titanium and wood dry herb vaporizer by DynaVap. The new double tapered mouthpiece (10 & 14 mm) makes it compatible with nearly...

VapCap NonaVonG

VapCaps are known for their vapour. The NonaVonG brings something new to the table in that regard.

VapCap OmniVap XL condenser assembly wit...

The OmniVap XL is a longer version of the much-loved OmniVap vaporizer. Logically it needs a longer condenser.

VapCap M 2021 Coloured

3 new colours are now available for the VapCap M 2021, the fifth iteration of the signature portable dry herb vaporizer by DynaVap.

Available in AzuriuM VerdiuM RosiuM

VapCap OmniVap body titanium

An OmniVap body, either as replacement or to customize your vape experience.

VapCap M 2021

The VapCap M 2021 is the fifth and newest iteration of the signature dry herb vaporizer by DynaVap. The 2021 version features an even more textured body, as well as a newly designed extraction chamber...

VapCap Maker's Kit

Make your own unique VapCap vaporizer. Everything you need is included in the Maker's Kit.

Available in Dark wood Light wood

VapCap M 2020

The VapCap M 2020 introduces more exciting upgrades of this flame powered classic.

DynaVap VapCap Dynastash

The DynaStash is a beautiful addition to keep the VapCap in. Made of high quality wood in walnut, cedar or wenge.

Available in Walnut Maple Purpleheart Cedar Wenge

VapCap Dynastash XL

The DynaStash XL holds any VapCap XL, like the NonaVonG-XLS or the OmniVap XL and herb. It has a magnetic holder which can hold the VapCap or can be of help when removing the hot cap. 

Available in purpleheart wenge maple

VapCap NonaVonG body

A wooden body, available in both dark wood and light wood, for DynaVap vaporizers. 

VapCap NonaVong stem

Extra wooden stem to be fitted on the VapCap NonaVong. 

VapCap tip

The VapCap tip enhances heat distribution and lets you adjust the herb capacity.

VapCap DynaKit Deluxe

The DynaKit Deluxe by DynaVap is a DynaKit full of spare parts and cleaning products.

VapCap The BB9

The VapCap BB9 by DynaVap is a glass midsection with 9 blue beads inside for diffusion of vapour.

Available in Grey Pink

VapCap XL condenser kit

XL condenser with gorgeous dark wood or light wood spinning mouthpiece and O-rings.

Available in XL dark wood XL light wood

VapCap standard condenser kit

Beautifully made standard condenser with dark wood or light wood spinning mouthpiece and O-rings

Available in light wood dark wood

VapCap DynaCoil

The DynaCoil makes vaping concentrates possible with all DynaVap models.

VapCap low temperature cap

The low temperature cap for the VapCap produces even more flavour.

VapCap Captive Cap

The original cap for DynaVap vaporizers has been updated. The new design helps keep the all-important cap in place, while also allowing for a more even distribution of the airflow.

VapCap replacement cap

Replacement cap for the VapCap vaporizer.

VapCap DynaKit basic

The DynaKit is a collection of accessories to keep any VapCap in great condition.

SlimStash XL - DynaVap

The DynaVap SlimStash XL is specially designed to store your VapCap. The inside compartment fits every VapCap with an XL or XLS length of 109 mm, like the Omni. The ideal way to store your Thermal Ext...

SlimStash - DynaVap

The DynaVap SlimStash is specially designed to store your VapCap. The inside compartment fits every VapCap with a standard length of 92 mm. The ideal way to store your Thermal Extraction Device discre...

Available in African Mahogany Padauk Zebra

VapCap standard titanium condenser with...

This standard titanium condenser can be used in multiple ways, with multiple parts.

VapCap Hula Stem (75 mm)

The large Hula Stem provides extra cooling in combination with any VapCap tip.

Available in Yellow Blue Clear Dark

VapCap DynaKit Maintenance

The maintenance kit by DynaVap keeps Vapcaps vaporizers in shape.

VapCap Hula Stem (60 mm)

Cool the flame powered vapour of any VapCap tip with the glass Hula Stem.

Available in Clear Dark Blue Green Yellow

VapCap replacement CCD

Set of three replacement Circumferential Compression Diffusers (CCD) for use in the VapCap.

Available in titanium stainless

VapCap high temp o-ring kit

5 spare high-temperature O-rings for the titanium tip of the VapCap vaporizer.

VapCap DynaMag

Magnetic tool to store the VapCap with or a replacement piece for the DynaStashER.


Keep your VapCap shiny and in optimal shape with this multipurpose wax made from natural ingredients.

VapCap fat mouthpiece

The fat mouthpiece creates a seal for all VapCap models.

VapCap condenser O-ring kit

Set of three condenser O-rings for the VapCap vaporizer.

VapCap SnapStash

Airtight storage and concealment.

Available in Small Large