OG Brick

Here comes the beautifully crafted OG Brick vaporizer by Sticky Brick Labs.

Available in cherry walnut

Sticky Brick Junior

A portable wood and glass vaporizer straight from the Sticky Brick Labs.

Available in yellowheart purpleheart leopardwood canary paduak spanish cedar rock maple walnut

Sticky Brick Runt

Sticky Brick Labs strikes again with the flame powered Runt vaporizer.

Flip Brick

The Sticky Brick Flip Brick is a handy water tool adapter and a flame powered convection vaporizer in one.

Available in Cherry Rock Maple (2019 update) Black limba (2019 update) Rock maple Walnut

Sticky Brick Junior water pipe adapter U...

A water pipe adapter for the Sticky Brick Junior to connect any water piece with a 14.4 mm connection.

HydroBrick Maxx (Sticky Brick) whip with...

Use this whip to connect the HydroBrick Maxx to a water tool to let it do what it does best: creating dense, delicious clouds of vapour.

OG Brick replacement glass kit

A kit with all the glass replacement parts for the OG Brick vaporizer.

HydroBrick Maxx (Sticky Brick) mouthpiec...

Take a straight-forward hit from the HydroBrick Maxx with this 'dry' 18.8 mm mouthpiece. No need to use waterfilters and adapters.

OG Brick (Sticky Brick) mouthpiece

A replacement for the glass mouthpiece of the OG Brick.

Sticky Brick Junior mouthpiece

Replacement mouthpiece for the Sticky Brick Junior

OG Brick/HydroBrick Maxx banger converte...

Vaporizing concentrates with the OG Brick/HydroBrick Maxx is now possible with this converter.

Flip Brick bent flame intake

A longer glass flame intake helps to prevent combusting with any Sticky Brick vaporizer.

Sticky Brick single whip adapter (female...

Connect the Sticky Brick vaporizer to a water piece with a whip and this adapter. 

Available in 14.4 mm 18.8 mm

Flip Brick male stem

Connect the Flip Brick to a water pipe with this glass stem.

Available in 14.4 mm 18.8 mm

Sticky Brick Junior flame intake

This borosilicate glass flame intake is specially designed for the Sticky Brick Junior, but can be used for any other Sticky Brick vape.

Sticky Brick butter

 This wood finish keeps the wooden parts of the Sticky Brick vaporizer clean, shiny and in perfect condition. 

OG Brick/HydroBrick Maxx flame intake

A replacement of the flame intake for the OG Brick and HydroBrick Maxx vaporizer. 

Sticky Brick whip tubing

Extra whip tubing for connecting a Sticky Brick vaporizer to any bong

OG Brick (Sticky Brick) stainless steel...

A stainless steel tube replacement for the OG Brick vaporizer. 

HydroBrick Maxx storage jar

Extra storage jar that can be placed in the HydroBrick Maxx. 

OG Brick (Sticky Brick) O-Ring Pack

Six extra O-rings for the OG Brick vaporizer.

Sticky Brick lighted LED tweezers

These clever tweezers by Sticky Brick have a strategically placed LED-light between the tweezers which makes replacing a screen or refilling a bowl all the easier. 

HydroBrick Maxx (Sticky Brick) O-ring pa...

Two spare ones of each O-ring needed for the HydroBrick Maxx.

Sticky Brick screen (6 pieces)

Six stainless steel screens for any of the Sticky Brick vaporizers. 

HydroBrick Maxx storage jar corks

Five brand new corks for the HydroBrick Maxx storage jar.

Sticky Brick carb corks

These carb corks can be used for the carb hole of any Sticky Brick vaporizer, for more consistent airflow. 

Sticky Brick stir stick

This multi-functional tool for stirring, filling and cleaning is an essential for anyone who uses a vaporizer.

Sticky Brick restrictor disc

The 316 stainless steel restrictor disc is an easy add-on for use with all Sticky Brick Lab vaporizers.

Sticky Brick Sticky Pads

A set of four stainless steel Sticky Pads that fit every Sticky Brick vaporizer.

Flip Brick o-ring pack

Set of two different o-rings to keep the Flip Brick vaporizer in shape.

Sticky Brick Junior O-ring pack

Four O-rings to keep the glass parts of the Sticky Brick Junior vaporizer in place.