Haze Dual V3 XL extended batteries

Haze Dual V3 XL extended batteries are rechargeable Li-ion batteries with 3200 mAh capacity. Pack of two pieces.

Haze Dual V3 rechargeable batteries

Li-ion rechargeable batteries for the Haze Dual V3. These batteries come in a pack of two pieces, so you can easily swap a drained battery with a charged one.

Haze Dual V3 leather case

This carry case is designed to hold and protect your Haze Dual along with other Haze accessories. The case coating is made of waterproof, odour-resistant leather. It's both durable and impact-resistan...

Haze Dual V3 car charger

The Haze 12V car charger will allow you to charge your vaporizer batteries in any vehicle.

Haze Dual V3 charger & power bank

Charger for two Haze Dual batteries with LED progress display. The charger also functions as a power source for all USB devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Haze Square PRO USB-C charger (EU-plug)

A spare USB charger for the Haze Square PRO

Haze Square battery

A replacement battery for the Haze Square vaporizer.

Haze Square tray top cover

This is a replacement part for the top of the Haze Square vaporizer.

Haze Dual V3 herb canister lids

These solid steel lids will provide the maximum air flow into your dry herb cans and will allow you to enjoy your herb with pristine taste. Pack of five pieces.

Haze Dual V3 stainless steel mouthpiece

Replacement Haze Dual V3 stainless steel mouthpiece, easily installed, removed and cleaned.

Haze Dual V3 glass mouthpiece

The glass mouthpiece offers a clean, true, authentic taste. The new tip design allows the mouthpiece to be easily removed from the air path for proper cleaning.

Haze Dual V3 dry herb canisters

Two stainless steel Haze Dual dry herb cans including perforated lids. Pre-pack cannisters ahead of time and take them with you anywhere.

Haze Square air path filter

A replacement air path filter for the Haze Square.

Haze Square concentrate pad

A set of concentrate pads for the Haze Square vaporizer.

Haze Dual V3 cleaning tool

The Haze Dual cleaning tool includes a broom on one end and a bristle brush on the other side. The broom is designed to clean the heating chambers, the brush is perfect to clean the mouthpieces.

Haze Square tray seal

A useful accessory for the Haze Square Tray.

Haze Dual V3 concentrate can silicone li...

Made with medical grade silicone to perfectly secure your materials in the Haze Vaporizer all-purpose concentrate can. Sold in sets of five.

Haze Dual V3 oil wicks

Five extra or replacement oil wicks for use with all-purpose canisters of the Haze Dual vaporizer.

Haze Easy Load Tool

The Haze Easy Load Tool stores finely ground herb or concentrates and provides an easy way to load chambers eliminating spillage or mess.