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Puffco loading tool

Beautiful Puffco loading tools for the Puffco vaporizer.


Puffco Plus

The Puffco Plus is the first ever pocket nail, making the vaping of concentrates available to a larger audience.

Puffco Plus battery

A spare battery for the Puffco Plus pen vaporizer.

Puffco Plus Chamber

An original spare or replacement chamber (atomizer) for the Puffco Plus concentrate vaporizer.

Puffco Plus Dart (3 pack)

Set of three darts for use with the Puffco Plus.

Available in classic update

Puffco Plus grips

Add extra grip, style and comfort to the Puffco Plus vaporizer with these durable silicone grips. 

Puffco Plus Mouthpiece

Replacement or spare mouthpiece and splash guard for the Puffco Plus.

Available in update classic

Puffco Plus SuperCharger

A super charger that can charge the Puffco Plus battery in under 35 minutes

Puffco Prism

The Puffco Prism is a storage solution designed specifically to fit the needs of the modern day, dabbing enthusiast. It is an excellent addition to the Puffco Plus vaporizer.

Available in Tie Dye White

Puffco Prism XL

This light-weight concentrate case by Puffco holds various dabs and is the perfect companion for on the go.

Puffco Pro 2 battery

Back up or replacement battery for the Puffco Pro 2 vaporizer. 

Puffco Pro 2 Charger

Use the Puffco Pro 2 Charger to charge the Puffco Pro 2 in under 60 minutes! 

Puffco Pro 2 Coil

An original Puffco Pro 2 replacement coil. This coil based atomizer features a large capacity tapered bowl which eliminates waste and assists with cleaning.

Puffco stash wallet

The Puffco stash wallet may look like a wallet but is a discreet and fancy stash holder instead.