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AK420 (Seedstockers) feminized

A special genetic line found after growing hundreds of AK47 plants from seed.

Amnesia (Seedstockers) feminized

A new and improved three-way crossing of this classic.

BCN Power Plant (Seedstockers) feminized

Power Plant was originally a Dutch Passion classic famed for XL harvests and a fantastically enjoyable high.

Big Bud (Seedstockers) feminized

Big Bud is one of the heaviest yielders in the Seed Stocker collection.

Blackberry Gum (Seedstockers) feminized

Seed Stockers Blackberry Gum is an unusual phenotype found after crossing a Bubble Gum male plant with a dark female Blueberry clone from a cannabis club in Barcelona.

CBD Critical XXL (Seedstockers) feminize...

CBD Critical XXL by Seedstockers will produce CBD-rich buds.

Cookies and Cream (Seedstockers) feminiz...

Cookies and Cream is a must-have variety for its delicious and intensely enjoyable high which always seems like it would last forever.

Do Si Dos (Seedstockers) feminized

Do Si Dos is an exciting new U.S. strain that explores Girl Scout Cookies combinging this popular strain with the THC monster OG Kush Breath.

Frizzy Kush (Seedstockers) feminized

Frizzy Kush by Seedstockers is an indica dominant feminized outdoor photoperiod variety was selectively bred over several seasons in the Pyrenees.

Fruit Cake (Seedstockers) feminized

Fruit Cake is another Seed Stocker photoperiod feminized marijuana seed variety featuring the best of the USA’s recent genetics.

Gelato 41 (Seedstockers) feminized

Gelato 41 is derived from the Girl Scout family and is a sweet and tasty feminized variety which takes around 8-9 weeks in bloom.

Girl Scout Cookies (Seedstockers) femini...

Girl Scout Cookies is a total legend. Of course Seedstockers got its own version that will get you thoroughly high.

Golden Lemon Haze (Seedstockers) feminiz...

The Haze offspring with the strongest Lemon aroma was selected as the genetics for our Golden Lemon Haze.

Gorilla Glue (Seedstockers) feminized

Prepare yourself for this awesome Indica variety from SeedStockers with an incredibly sticky texture and a powerful high.

Grandaddy Confidential Kush (Seedstocker...

Grandaddy Confidential Kush by SeedStockers is a classy 3-way cross of some of the best indica cannabis genetics currently available.

Maple Sherbet x Pre'89 Skunk (Seedstocke...

Maple Sherbet x Pre'89 Skunk is a real connoisseur treat for growers looking for that extra special potency from their harvests.

Nicole Cream (Seedstockers) feminized

Nicole Cream is a photoperiod feminized hybrid cannabis seed variety made with genetics from Nicole Kush and Extreme Cream.

Northern Lights (Seedstockers) feminized

SeedStockers Northern Lights seeds come from prize-winning parents (NL2 x NL5) and produce very strong and consistent Northern Light plants with XL harvests of dense frosty buds.

O.G. Candy Dawg Kush (Seedstockers) femi...

O.G. Candy Dawg Kush is a feminized photoperiod variety which has THC levels of 23%+ and has a distinctive sweet candy taste.

O.G. Kush (Seedstockers) feminized

Seedstockers' original OG Kush combines a deeply satisfying and rich genuine Kush taste with one of the strongest smokes in our collection.

Pineapple (Seedstockers) feminized

Pineapple (Seedstockers) is a mostly Indica variety that can easily be cultivated indoors and needs a flowering time of 63 days. and outdoors.

Purple Punch (Seedstockers) feminized

20%+ THC levels with some of the best looking purple/blue buds you will see.

Santa Marta Haze (Seedstockers) feminize...

Santa Marta Haze is the best genuine Haze variety that Seed Stockers has found so far.

Sherbet (Seedstockers) feminized

Get blown away by the Sherbet, an Indica dominant variety from SeedStockers with a fruity taste and a high THC level.

Sticky Fingers (Seedstockers) feminized

Sticky Fingers is perhaps the finest and most potent cannabis variety in the Seed Stockers collection.

Sticky Monkey GG#4 (Seedstockers) femini...

Sticky Monkey GG#4 by SeedStockers is a premium quality USA feminized photoperiod variety made from original Gorilla Glue #4.

Super Skunk (Seedstockers) feminized

Super Skunk is a special Skunk line selected for consistently high THC content (22%+).

Thin Mint Crack (Seedstockers) feminized

Thin Mint Crack uses some of the most sought after Girl Scout genetics (the Thin Mint phenotype) which contains Durban Poison and OG Kush.

Wedding Cake (Seedstockers) feminized

This is one Wedding Cake you won't soon forget. This grows into a big plant with explosive buds.

White Widow (Seedstockers) feminized

White Widow by SeedStockers needs no introduction, one of the most consistently potent varieties available with a distinctive white resin coating on the buds.