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PowderFeeding Mother Plants

Mother Plants (N-P-K: 24-6-12)

Specifically engineered for the vegetative growth stage of the plant, it allows perfectly balanced nutrition for mother plants, young plants and rooted cuttings.

Contains all basic minerals and trace elements in a very soluble form and it does not contain urea so it is fully readable on any EC meter.

We developed this feeding specifically for people that keep mother rooms and produce cuttings, and for those who want to focus on vegetative growth with a particularly dedicated formula. The high Nitrogen content is readily available to plants and the salt-buildup in the medium is minimal, requiring less frequent flushing. Plants grow faster, greener, and more vigorous than ever before.

It can be used in earth, coco, hydroponics and aeroponics with the same great results.

Composition: N-P-K-Mg: 24+6+12+(1.2)

Concentration of Elements

  • 24% N Total Nitrogen
  • 13% NS Nitrogen Nitrate
  • 11% NA Nitrogen Ammoniacal
  • 6% PO Nitrogen Phosphorus
  • 12% KO Soluble Potassium
  • 1.2% Mg Soluble Magnesium (=1.2% Mg)
  • 0.02% B Soluble Boron
  • 0.04% Cu Soluble Copper (as Chelate form EDTA)
  • 0.1% Fe Soluble Iron (as Chelate form EDTA)
  • 0.05% Mn Soluble Manganese (as Chelate from EDTA)
  • 0.01% Mo Soluble Molybdenum
  • 0.01% Zn Soluble Zinc (as Chelate from EDTA)

Dilution Proportions

  • Concentration g/L 0.5 1 1.5 2
  • EC (mS) 0.7 1.4 2 2.6
  • These values are calculated starting from tap water at medium hardness with EC 0.7


  • Metric: 2.5 - 5 g / 10 L water
  • US: 0,09 - 0,17 oz. / 2,64 US gallons water
  • UK: 0,09 - 0,17 oz. / 2,1 UK gallons water

Mother Plants

(3 WEEKS+)
  • Metric: 10 g / 10 L water
  • US: 0,35 oz. / 2,64 US gallons water
  • UK: 0,35 oz. / 2,1 UK gallons water
  • When you're using soil, feed every other watering
  • When you're using hydroponics coco, feed at every watering

Recommended PH growth: 5.5 - 6.0

For foliar feeding on mother plants or cuttings dilute 100 ml. feeding solution into 900 ml. of water.


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