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Greenlane Wholesale Warranty Policy

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Our warranty rectifies faults that may occur during the warranty period and includes both parts and labour.

A product is not covered by the warranty if:

Changes have been made to the product that are not referenced in the instructions manual
When shortcomings are the result of incompetent use or when the product has not been used as specified in the instructions manual
When damages may have been caused by poor maintenance by the user
If the product has become defective within the warranty period and none of the above applies, then your product meets the warranty conditions and we can repair or replace it.

We expect you to check the product carefully before making a claim. Please contact our [Customer Service] when in doubt about whether a product is really defective: in certain cases, we might be able to help you from a distance – and we are more than happy to help!


By using products, the quality will deteriorate over time. In general, you can assume that products in a higher price range last longer because the design takes durability into account. We use different warranty periods for different product categories. These can be found below:

Product category 1. Seeds

Seeds are natural products and as such we have a limited amount of control on their quality.

For this reason, we don’t use a standard warranty period for this product category.

Product category 2. Headshop and Lifestyle

All headshop and lifestyle items have a two-year warranty (excluding products with a limited expiration date). The effectiveness of products with an expiration date is determined by a number of factors which we have no control over (such as the interaction between the product and the user).

Therefore we do not use a standard warranty for this product category.

Product category 3. Vaporizers

Most vaporizers have a warranty from the manufacturer. This means that if your vaporizer becomes defective within the warranty, we’ll send it back to the manufacturer to repair or replace it. Different manufacturers operate with different warranties.

This warranty covers hardware problems that were not caused by the owner, such as defective castings, monitor problems, heating issues or other issues with internal components. It doesn’t cover cosmetic damage or normal wear and tear.

The vaporizer warranty generally covers the (replacement) parts and labour for repairs.


If the product is covered by the warranty and within the warranty period, you can return it to us. We will try to fix it for you or, if that isn’t possible, replace the item.

In case it’s not possible to repair the unit, the unit will be replaced. Any repaired or replaced products will be added to the shipment of your next following order.

Products that are covered by the warranty will not be refunded.

The shipping costs for returning a defective product are for Greenlane Wholesale. We send the replacement or repaired product back to you free of charge.