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General guidelines

This product has psychoactive qualities. Do not participate in traffic or operate heavy machinery while experiencing the psychoactive effects of this product.

Make sure you regularly drink water, fruit juice or soda while you're experiencing the effects of this product.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Do not use this product too frequently.

Do not combine with excessive amounts of alcohol or other drugs.

Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children. Our products are not suitable for minors.

Please carefully read the label before using this product. We encourage our customers to do personal research about the herbs in our assortment. A good website with unbiased information is Erowid.org. Other websites of interest are Salvia.net, Ayahuasca-info.com, Kratom.nl and Mushplanet.nl.

Regarding psychedelics (sclerotia, cacti, Salvia, Ayahuasca, Baby Hawaiian Woodrose and Morning Glory seeds), do not use if you are anxious, stressed or depressed, or if your time is limited. People who have a latent psychosis or schizophrenia should not use psychedelics.

Use this product in a place that is safe and comfortable, and in the company of people you trust. Ideally one experienced person stays sober to act as a "sitter".

If you have a medical condition (such as a cardiovascular disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, glaucoma, ailments of the liver, kidneys or an enlarged prostate) or if you're using prescription drugs (such as SSRI's, MAO-inhibitors and so forth) first consult your physician before using this product.

If you have phenylketonuria or an allergy, please read the list of ingredients carefully before using this product.

Stop using this product immediately if you're experiencing extreme nervousness, tremors, sleeplessness, reduced appetite or heart palpitations.

Please check if this product is legal in your country.