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Blazer Big Buddy torch

The Blazer Big Buddy is an all-round torch of unparalleled quality.

Available in Black Green (stainless)

Blazer Big Shot GT 8000 torch

The powerful Blazer Big Shot anti-flare torch delivers precision heating.

Available in Orange Yellow

Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot torch

Higher Standards teams up with Blazer for an amazingly powerful torch lighter.

Available in Black White

Higher Standards Concentric Triangle Zip...

The iconic Zippo lighter adorned with the Higher Standards concentric triangle design.

Available in White Black

Lighter 4 flame torch (Cohiba)

How to ensure a flame under all circumstances? With four flames of course. This Cohiba torch lighter lights everything with a strong and even flame.

Lighter hyper torch

Compact torch lighter with a powerful jet flame. Torch lighters have a hotter flame than normal lighters, making them more suitable for heating herbs which require a higher temperature to give off the...

Lighter micro torch (Honest)

Micro torch lighter with a powerful flame for every circumstance.

Available in silver black blue anthracite

Lighter torch (Honest)

A simple but reliable torch lighter by Honest.

Lighter Torjet WindProof Jet-Flame Assor...

The refillable Torjet lighter may look like any other lighter, but produces an epic adjustable jet-flame that's also windproof.