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We offer a wide range of pipes, made from ebony wood, metal, acry or a combination of materials.

Eyce Hammer (display, 8 assorted colours...

The Eyce Hammer is a colourful bubbler that will add colour to any party. Ultra safe and easy to use.

Eyce Shorty

The Eyce Shorty is an excellent one hitter unlike any other. Colourful and unbreakable.

Available in display (10 colours) Bangin Creature green Purple Black Winter

Eyce Sidecar

The Eyce Sidecare is a rig like no other. Easy to use with a rotating neck for optimal hits.

Available in Black Bangin Jungle Smoke black Creature green

Eyce Spoon

The famous silicone pipe by Eyce comes in a number of exciting colours.

Available in Bangin Black Creature green Jungle Smoke black Winter display (10 colours)

Higher Standards glass taster

Small and simple, the Higher Standards glass taster is a great solution for a discreet hit.

Available in Clear Frosted

Higher Standards resin rag

The resin rag is an ideal solution for cleaning glass tools and vaporizers.

Available in 1 piece 2 piece

Higher Standards Tube Tops

Set of 6 silicone tube tops for efficient cleaning of bongs and water pipes.

K. Haring bubbler

The K.Haring bubbler really should be displayed in a museum, although it looks pretty great around the house.

Available in yellow blue multi black & white

K. Haring spoon pipe

Artful glass spoon pipe adorned with Keith Haring details.

Available in yellow blue multi black & white

K. Haring taster

The K. Haring taster is an arty glass solution for a quick hit.

Available in multi black & white blue yellow

K. Haring water pipe

The art of the water pipe according to Keith Haring.

Available in blue multi black & white

Marley Natural smoked glass spoon pipe

Smoked glass spoon pipe with a wide bowl by Marley Natural.

Marley Natural smoked glass steamroller

The Marley Natural steamroller made of smoked glass will provide a big hit for experienced smokers.

Marley Natural smoked glass taster

Always have a quick hit with you thanks to the smoked glass taster by Marley Naturals.


Marley Natural spoon pipe

Eyecatching spoon pipe made from glass and walnut wood.

Marley Natural steamroller

Beautiful steamroller made of glass and wood. A straight pipe for voluminous hits.

Marley Natural taster

This premium glass taster is the perfect solution for a quick hit.

Pipe mushroom

Nice iron mushrooms key ring with a metal smoking pipe.

Red Eye One Hitter

A handmade glass one hitter pipe from Red Eye, featuring a pinched mouthpiece.

Stüdenglass mouthpiece

Extra mouthpiece for the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah.

Stündenglass flower bowl

Replacement bowl to smoke cannabis with the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah.

Stündenglass wallmount

Attach the Stündenglass to a wall with this wallmount.