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Infusion Systems

We’re extremely pleased to introduce our collection of Infusion Systems! If you and/or your customers ever tried a hand at cannabis infusion, you should know that a rewarding final result doesn’t come easy. Sure, it’s a healthy and discreet way of consuming, but it’s a challenge to get to a level of repeatable and consistent performance. We at Greenlane know the pain of planning on baking a nice set of cookies or cooking a lovely dinner, only for the infusion to not meet the desired quality. Good thing our Infusion Systems manage to hold a set temperature over longer periods of time, as well as being great at processing lots of material at once. If your customers are keen on making your own CBD oil or medicine - especially bigger batches -, we strongly recommend checking out our Infusion Systems. They’re sturdy, they last and they contain the smell. Your customers will never have to worry about the final outcome of making cannabis-infused salves, tinctures, sauces, and drinks ever again.


MagicalButter MB2e

Create infused butter, oils, tincture and concentrates in about an hour with the amazing MagicalButter machine.

MagicalButter DecarBox & Thermometer Com...

Decarboxylate your herbs with ease before using the MagicalButter machine.

MagicalButter LoveGlove

Handle your MagicalButter edibles safely by using this heat resistant and non-slippery LoveGlove.

MagicalButter 21UP Butter Tray

Making edibles with MagicalButter is a lot of fun, this tray makes sure that they are marked for adults only.

MagicalButter 21UP Gummy Tray

Make your own edibles in handy shapes with the MagicalButter 21UP gummy tray.

Available in 2 ml 8 ml

MagicalButter Eat to Treat Gummy Tray

Handy gummy tray for all your MagicalButter edibles.