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Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler

The Heavy Duty Riggler by Higher Standards is a beautiful water filtration system made of thick glass and will handle flower and concentrates.


Higher Standards resin rag

The resin rag is an ideal solution for cleaning glass tools and vaporizers.

Available in 1 piece 2 piece


Higher Standards silicone ice mold

Higher Standard silicone ice mold for making a piece of ice for the heavy duty beaker.


K. Haring rig

A beautiful glass rig for water filtered use of concentrates by K. Haring.

Available in yellow multi blue


Marley Natural bubbler

The Marley Natural bubbler is a hybrid of water pipe and glass pipe.


Marley Natural glass water pipe

The Marley Natural water pipe with luxurious wooden details is a unique piece of glassware.


Marley Natural smoked glass bubbler

An elegant bubbler made of smoked glass by Marley Natural.


Marley Natural smoked glass water pipe

Eye-catching smoked glass water pipe by Marley Natural.

MJ Arsenal banger pack

Quartz banger and silicone add-on for the original Blunt Bubbler by MJ Arsenal.

MJ Arsenal mini rig bucket

Premium quartz and borosilicate glass bucket for use with MJ Arsenal mini rigs.