Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Shredder is engineered to perfection. These scratch resistant grinders use revolutionary threading design, superior grip, screens and magnets.

Santa Cruz Shredder (3 parts)

This medium 3-part Santa Cruz Shredder is super sharp and extremely durable

Santa Cruz Shredder large (4 parts)

Large aluminium Santa Cruz shredder in four parts.

Available in Green Blue

Santa Cruz Shredder medium (2 parts)

The efficient, durable 2-part Shredder in medium size.

Santa Cruz Shredder medium (4 parts)

This medium 4-part grinder with kief-catch will quickly, smoothly and efficiently grind your herb.

Available in Gold Matte rasta Purple Green Red Blue Gray

Santa Cruz Shredder small (2 parts)

This tiny shredder is perfect to take on the go.

Santa Cruz Shredder small (4 parts)

4-piece mini grinder by Santa Cruz, effienct, strong and durable.

Available in Green Blue Grey

Santa Cruz Shredder Vogue Spray (3 parts...

A new take on the trusty Santa Cruz shredder: the Vouge Spray Can.

Available in Matte grey Matte purple

Santa Cruz x Cookies shredder (2 parts)

Simple 100% biodegradable shredder by Santa Cruz and Cookies.

Available in Blue (display 24 x 1) Red (display 24 x 1)