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MJ Arsenal

MJ Arsenal is a company based in Denver, Colorado. It is specialized in finely crafted, eyecatching and innovative glassware.

MJ Arsenal Cache water pipe

The MJ Arsenal Cache water pipe is super handy and comes with an affixed storage jar.

MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig

Water cooled dabbing becomes a spectacle thanks to the Infinity Mini Rig by MJ Arsenal.

MJ Arsenal Hydra VE

Handy mini rig by MJ Arsenal to enjoy cooled vapour with your vaporizer.

MJ Arsenal mini rig bucket

Premium quartz and borosilicate glass bucket for use with MJ Arsenal mini rigs.

MJ Arsenal bubble carb cap

The MJ Arsenal bubble carb cap lets you enjoy oil faster with a dab rig.

MJ Arsenal banger pack

Quartz banger and silicone add-on for the original Blunt Bubbler by MJ Arsenal.