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Higher Standards

Higher Standards offer everything for the perfect smoking experience with a collection of handcrafted heavy-duty glass, premium care and maintenance products and exciting collaborations.


Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler

The Heavy Duty Riggler by Higher Standards is a beautiful water filtration system made of thick glass and will handle flower and concentrates.


Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot torch

Higher Standards teams up with Blazer for an amazingly powerful torch lighter.

Available in Black White


Higher Standards glass tips

A box containing 6 handy glass tips by Higher Standards.


Higher Standards dot wipes (30 pieces)

Alcohol wipes with two different sides to clean and polish glass, metal and silicone parts.


Higher Standards resin rag

The resin rag is an ideal solution for cleaning glass tools and vaporizers.

Available in 1 piece 2 piece


Higher Standards salt rox

Scrub away the toughest buildup in accessories and glass parts with salt rox.


Higher Standards glass taster

Small and simple, the Higher Standards glass taster is a great solution for a discreet hit.

Available in Clear Frosted


Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz (60 pieces)

A box with 60 Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz, the ideal cleaning tool for pipes and glassware.

Available in 1 piece 12 pack


Higher Standards pipe stix (60 pieces)

These pipe stix are ideal for cleaning smoking and vaping devices.

Available in 1 piece 12 pack


Higher Standards silicone ice mold

Higher Standard silicone ice mold for making a piece of ice for the heavy duty beaker.

Higher Standards salt chute

The salt chute ensures a spill-free cleaning process of glass water tools.