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-50% Eyce

Eyce Molds creates silicone smoking pipes, rigs, and beakers that are not only stylish and collectible, but also top quality.

Eyce Beaker Downstem

Extra 14 mm glass downstem for the Eyce Beaker.

Eyce Beaker slide

Replacement glass slide for the Eyce Beaker and a number of other models.

Eyce Hammer (display, 8 assorted colours...

The Eyce Hammer is a colourful bubbler that will add colour to any party. Ultra safe and easy to use.

Eyce Mini Beaker

The Eyce Mini Beaker is the smaller version of the beloved silicone water pipe.

Available in Winter Smoke black Jungle Creature green Black Bangin display (6 colours)

Eyce Rig II (display, 9 assorted colours...

The updated Eyce Rig II adds more protection making this the best silicone dab rig on the market.

Eyce Shorty

The Eyce Shorty is an excellent one hitter unlike any other. Colourful and unbreakable.

Available in Winter Purple Creature green Bangin display (10 colours) Black

Eyce Sidecar

The Eyce Sidecare is a rig like no other. Easy to use with a rotating neck for optimal hits.

Available in Smoke black Jungle Black Bangin Creature green

Eyce Spoon

The famous silicone pipe by Eyce comes in a number of exciting colours.

Available in Winter Smoke black display (10 colours) Jungle Creature green Black Bangin